All the Worlds a stage, and we are all

The Players.


The World as we know it is about to become a very different place

The next step in our collective development as a species

The missing link in our sociological evolution to enlightenment, Peace and prosperity is through the use of

Time Banking

But first

A New voting system to bring about Peace and Prosperity for all.

Draw up a list of people of voting age in your street or small area, and pick 9 people to form a local assembly by Secret ballot. 

No one puts himself or herself forward and it is not allowed to discuss whom you wish to vote for, even amongst family and close friends. That way there is no “vote for me and I will give you this” as money always wins and “for the good of all” always looses.

The local assembly once establishes then picks a regional assembly in the same manner and then this same process goes to elect national and international assemblies in the same way.

The key is, discussing potential people to vote for is NOT allowed as corruption and vested interest always creeps in. There should be no discussion at all of who you may vote for or people’s suitability. Getting to know people, so as you can pick honest reliable people, is very much encouraged so that you personally know the ones you vote for to be honest, a good cross section of gender age and experience of life skills.


What is the conspiracy theory? It is the idea that government is up to no good and has an agenda that is not in the public interest. Case proven by all that is common knowledge at the moment.
What is Spiritual enlightenment? It is the awareness that we are all, the whole World over, one family, the human race, all brothers and sisters. Case proven by all that we know and feel.

So for the conspiracy part, here are live speeches by two American presidents, American industrialists and government ministers giving evidence of Secret societies and the ominous rise of the military industrial complex (the ones who are behind all the wars for the last 50 years) ET presence since 1947 and free energy devices. Eisenhower’s farewell speech  Kennedy speech  Kennedy full secret society speech   Paul Hellyer Canadian minister of defence disclosure  Paul Hellyer disclosure conference. 2 ET’s living and working in government  Birch society

Here are a couple of what if’s to ponder. If you think that there is a conspiracy at play in the World today, then you may view the perpetrators as “black hearted scoundrels” who have no care whatsoever for the people who’s lives they adversely affect and destroy. You may be right, but just look at this. They must have been born into wealth and position, or worked their way up through the ranks of power to be in the privileged position that they are in at present.

How can ones so high, stoop so low as to steal from, and cheat the less fortunate and under privileged. An education they may have had, but how deficient it must have been as to leave out the necessary spiritual learning that could have made their life so much more advantageous for themselves and their species. An intellect they must have, but common sense and human qualities, none. These people who are bereft of conscience and compassion must be pitied, yes pitied, for they are going to an environment that will make their blood run cold.
Sooner or later they will reach “pay back” time. THIS IS A FACT.
If they reach it here in this life, then their World will come crashing down one way or another, either by the same means as they have used on others to put them out of business, or by the loss of a loved one, or maybe a terrible disease. If they seem to escape recourse in this life, then their position is really much worse. When they leave the material plane and return to the Spiritual realm just the same as everyone else will, they will have to stand in front of a higher power where there is only truth, and try to explain such selfish greedy behaviour, which will make them weep the tears of shame and guilt.
They will feel such humiliation and remorse for being so harmful to their fellow man.
They will remember their life plan, one of hope and promise for their Spiritual growth, only to come to this sad demise of self-gratification, grandification and indulgence. We must pray for these sad, Spiritually ignorant people who are causing so much mayhem in this World today. Their future is indeed desperate, and their need our prayer is great.

If you are of the opinion that the World today is not being directed by a secret agenda, then we need to look at our society in greater detail and take greater responsibility for this mess we find ourselves in.
Allowing public services to be privatised must be reassessed. When a company is expected to give its investors a yearly profit, it is obvious that to do this there must be continued cost cutting at the supply front and continued price increase for the customer.
At one time electric and gas, railroad and post, among others, were called service industries because they supplied a service for the user, they are now profit making industries. Service has gone out the window; the lust for profit over rides all other motives. Most hospitals suffer the same fate allowing private funding of buildings and services. NHS has a bad record for adjusting waiting lists, expensive parking at hospitals and understaffing, with cut back and complaints being the normal state of affairs. It need not be like this.

The answer to all of these ills lies in honest competent government. The system that is in place at the moment cannot hope to tackle these problems because governmental politics has descended to political point scoring over the opposition. It matters not if an idea is a good one, “if it is their idea, we will vote against it”, is the way government is, we all know this.
How can this way of doing things improve the world one jot? When, and only when, the need to do things “for the good of all”, is the standard that is used by government and all other institutions, will life on Earth be made so much more just and pleasant for its inhabitants.
The need for bi, tri or multiple different party systems has long since seen its day. There is no need for it anymore. There must be representation for the good of all. One party, the people’s party. Once a just honest government comes into being, corruption will be eradicated; services will be services and not just a means to pump money out of everyone. We will then get on with the job of feeding the World population ending wars and educating mankind as to his Divine origins.
How can this happen?
Talk to people in your street, your area. Elect the ones by secret ballot who will represent you. Pick someone who is honest, trustworthy, sensible and practical. If this is done street by street, then they can get together to elect a representative for the area, and they in turn can elect for the town, city and up to country level. This way accountable, open government can work for the good of all with no bias toward personal gain or favour.
Talking about this is the first step towards World freedom and universal peace and prosperity.
There is much talk of a “New World Order” a phrase that has been hijacked by those already in power as a means to centralise power and control. But what the World really needs and will soon get is a “New World Order” based on Justice Freedom and Service to Mankind ethos.
We live in a World of plenty and soon this will be put to good use in order to end all the “wars for oil” and to feed the World.

I feel to I have to comment on events that are taking place on the planet at this time. Before we came here (to this life) we made a promise to be good, honest and to keep out of trouble, we had this as our plan, and we made this promise to a higher power, that higher power was God. We are all born noble beings and I dare say that Mubarak, Gaddafi and all corrupt people in positions of power, started of in life keeping to the plan but as soon as they came to almost supreme power with little or no restraint on their actions, they became corrupt. Instead of service to mankind they decided to serve themselves, or should I say help themselves, to the wealth of their country and it’s peoples.
The reason we made this promise to be good citizens was because we need to evolve towards Spiritual enlightenment. This World at this moment is a snapshot in time of not just our own Spiritual evolvement but also the species as a whole. Elements that spin around atoms, electromagnetic energy, the beauty of nature, this is the power of God, to move upward we must be able to prove that we can be trusted to behave in an honourable way at all times, for in the higher realms we will have a lot more power at our disposal than we could ever dream of in our physical existence.
Just know this.
All of your deeds are known and when you leave this World you will have to answer for all of your ill deeds but you will also receive praise for all of your good deeds. If you have more ill deeds than good deeds then you are going down and more likely than not you will have to return here in a less advantaged position than you had before your fall from grace. If on the other hand you have shown yourself to be trustworthy and have learned from your mistakes (for we all make mistakes) then you have proven you can be trusted and can proceed upwards. All of those who progress upwards no matter how poor and downtrodden they may have been in this life, will be able to look down from a beautiful world of light and love into the darker realms where there is little comfort or warmth, to see the previously powerful oppressors lurking in the darkness and shadows, this is of their choosing by the way they have behaved in this life.
Keep the faith, keep to the plan, and you will live eternally in Gods grace and company.

A seed breaks in the ground; it sacrifices itself so that a tree can grow from it. The river ceases to be a river once it reaches the sea; it sacrifices itself in order to become part of the great ocean. A candle consumes itself so as to become light and illumine its surroundings. Sacrifice is a law of existence. Without it, change is impossible, growth is impossible. If we wish to grow spiritually, we must be ready to sacrifice that which is worth less in order to receive that which is more worthy.

Time Banking

Timebanking is not volunteering, it is an exchange of time, one hour of your labour for one hour of someone else's. There is no cost in joining a time bank, you simply register your details and skill's with the time bank broker (who matches need, to availability) plus two references, and there you go. Timebanking time exchange does not affect any unemployment benefit, as the units used are of time and not money. A crying shame of our times is the waste of manpower that is available but unused, let change all that. Get in touch today at through feedback page, or go to

How did we get into such a mess.

Why is the World in such crisis, what went wrong. Since the 20's depression we have had endless boom and bust cycles that continue up to this date. Do you realise that the only reason for a recession or a depression is through the shrinkage of the money supply.

 When a recession or a depression occurs, people still want the same things that they wanted and needed before hard times fell, things like food, medicine, clothes and work. The only thing that is different from any other time is the shrinkage of the money supply by the banks for their own reasons.